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Internet Service Provider (ISP)

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What is my IP address ?

IP stands for Internet Protocol, one of the most important communication protocol on Internet. It's aim is to deliver data acroos the network in order to reach the right computer. Your Ip address looks like is the unique identification of your computer on Internet so IP knows hows to route information from the server to your computer.
If it's not clear or if you want more information about IP addresses you can go to wikipedia page here

What is a User Agent ?

For a human like you, the user agent identify your client system for surfing on Internet for example Operating system, browser .... It can be used by the server for statistics of or display customisation.

What is an ISP ?

ISP stands for Internet Service Pprovider. Basically your ISP is the company you pay for getting your Internet.
You can get more information on ISP on the wikipedia page here here

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